How To: Identify problems with poinsettia, ligustrum & pecans

Identify problems with poinsettia, ligustrum & pecans

Some of the new poinsettia plants will continue to "bloom" year round, but others need a little encouragement. The blooming is actually leaves of the plant itself. One way of forcing it to change color is to withhold fertilizer and/or light for a time, then put it back into a sunny location and it will begin to bloom. The video also addresses spots on Ligustrum plants. It has to do with cold weather in the winter and lack of nitrogen. There's not much you can do about winter damage, but fertilizing can help. The third letter asks about the causes of hollow pecan tree nuts. 10% of a pecan crop are what are called pops, which means they're empty, so this is normal. Holes in the nut is usually from a bird, but round holes can be from the pecan weevil. Pecans also need a nitrogen fertilizer, a zinc spray, and deep watering.

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