How To: Patch budding pecans

Patch budding pecans

This will illustrate us how to Patch budding pecans . Here are the following steps.Step 1: First of all we have to see whether the right season is there or not that is spring or late summer.Step 2 :Selecta smooth, convenient location on the stock. Make a double cut approximately 11/2 inches long, by rotating a double  bladed budding knifeStep 3: Connect the double cut on the right side with one perpendicular cut. This can be done with one of the budding knife blades.Step 4: Raise the bark on the stock with a flip of the knifepoint or the tongue attached to the butt end of some budding knivesStep 5: Connect the double cut on both sides of the bud with two perpendicular cutsStep 6: The bark flap on the stock is then creased and torn or cut to fit the patch. A slight overlap of the bark flap over the patch is left.Step 7: Pull the wraps firmly and allow them to overlap slightly to seal out excessive air and water and to prevent drying. Cover all exposed areas well. Allow the bud to show through between the wrapsthat's it

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