Forum Thread: How to Kill a Rattlesnake Intruding on Your Lawn or in Your Garden

Now I know some might think this is cruel. By no means am I saying to go out and hunt the snakes. But on your property by all means. In the end, a rattlesnake you don't kill today, could come back to haunt you, a family member or a pet. And you don't want to have any regrets to your safety or the safety of others.

This snake came in from the street and we quickly neutralized the threat. By no means was this the first, only or last encounter.

Step 1: Know Your Surroundings

First Thing to Do Is to Get as Close as You Can to the Snake... But Stay Out of Striking Distance. (Rattlesnakes Can Strike About 1/3 of Their Length)

Step 2: Take the Necessary Precautions

You Want to Use "Snake Shot" Bullets That Are Lethal Only Up to About 30 Feet and Don't Ricochet. Make Sure to Aim for It's Head and Don't Miss, the First Shot Will Always Be Your Best if the Snake Isn't Moving.

Step 3: Respect the Snake's Venom

After You Are Sure It's Taken One in the Head, Still Stay Away. It Has Nerves That Keep It from Dying Instantly and the Head Can Still Make for a Fatal Bite!

Step 4: Remove the Head

Spear It with a Stick to Keep the Movement Controlled and Carefully Step on the Head with a Shoe... No Open Toes! Cut the Head Off While Stepping on It to Prevent an Unnecessary Bite.

Step 5: Breathe a Sigh of Relief

After That, the Body Is Harmless and the Head Should Be Thrown Away with a Shovel Just as a Precaution.

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