How To: Identify tree damage from a natural gas leak

Identify tree damage from a natural gas leak

In this how-to video, you will learn how to indicate if tree damage has occurred due to a natural gas leak. In this example, a Mexican Elder tree has been damaged by the gas leak. You can tell by the brown leaves. The plastic around the soil has trapped the gas in the soil, cutting off the oxygen from the tree. The Indian Hawthorne in this example has also been damaged. There is some foliage burn on the leaves. The bush will have to be trimmed back in order to save it. There are several plants that are completely dead. To reclaim the area, the area must be opened up. The plastic and rock must be removed and the ground has to be tilled. The micro-organism population has to be salvaged as well. This requires a lot of extra work. Remember, know where your gas lines run and check if there are any problems with the plants surrounding it. Call your gas company if you do think there is a leak. This video shows you the signs of when to do this.

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