How To: Repot a plant into a larger container

Repot a plant into a larger container

This video from Lowe's shows you how to successfully repot a plant into a larger container. You will know it is time to repot your plant when the roots are visible on the surface, or when they start growing through the drainage hole. If you need to repot one of your plants into a larger container, simply follow these steps: You will need a clean pot that is no more than two sizes larger than the old one. Place a wire mesh or pieces of broken clay pot over the drainage hole. Add a layer of potting mix. To remove the plant, hold the stem gently while turning the pot upside down. Tap the bottom of the pot and gently remove the plant. Make sure to remove any dead or damaged roots, gently break up the roots, and place the plant into the new pot. Add more soil and pack it gently with your fingers. Water the plant thoroughly.

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