How To: Plant a hardy mum

Plant a hardy mum

Spring Hill Nurseries shows viewers how to plant Chrysanthemums, or hardy mums, in this video. The mums should be planted in early spring. First, choose a place to plant. You should choose an area that has a lot of direct sunlight. You should also plant in an area that has good soil for growing plants. If this is impossible, mix some compost with the soil in the spot you wish to plant in. If you are planting more than one mum, make sure you have enough room to space them two feet apart.

Next, dig a hole. It should be two times as wide as the plant you are planting is. Take the hardy mum out of the container by turning it upside down and gently easing the plant out of the container. With the soil and the roots in your hands, carefully break apart some of the dirt that is holding the roots together. Set the plant aside. Pour two teaspoons of fertilizer into the hole for every square foot of space that the hole occupies now. Mix it in with the regular soil and/or the compost.

Pick the plant up again. Put it in the hole and fill the hole back in with dirt, making sure that the level of the dirt attached to the plant is about even with the dirt surrounding it. Pat the plant down by pushing gently on the sides of the part that is surrounding the visible plant. You can put mulch around the plant if you want to help retain moisture. Next, water your plant.

When the buds begin to grow, pinch them. Pinch them again in the early summer. You should now be well on your way to beautiful mums!

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