How To: Grow lavender provence in a container

Grow lavender provence in a container

We know that spring seems ions away, but if you're a gardener then it's time to begin thinking about what flowers you'll be planting to bloom during the spring. If you don't have much garden space but would love a very fragrant bloom, check out this video to learn how to grow lavendr provence in a container.

The lavender provence typically blooms in the summer and 'Provence' performs best in really well drained soil.

Now if your garden has heavy clay and you don't have raised beds what you might try is growing 'Provence' in a container.

Now if you think lavender grown this way is a feast for the eyes, just wait until you smell the foliage. The foliage is so incredibly aromatic, but the blooms, well, they are just off the charts. Honeybees love them. They love the nectar. Lavender honey is very sought after.

If you don't have room to plant all these lavender plants to create a beautiful field of lavender plants like we've seen in postcards of Provence, France, take a little Provence, France, place it on your patio by just planting three of these lavenders in a container. You'll be glad you did it.

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