How To: Get rid of garden snails and slugs

Get rid of garden snails and slugs

Tired of losing your gardening efforts to snails and slugs? Use these methods to banish the pests.

You Will Need
* A container of warm, soapy water
* Diatomaceous earth
* Ceramic flowerpots
* Beer
* Sugar
* Baking yeast

Step 1
Remove slugs and snails by hand. Check in shady and moist areas around the plant – under the leaves and in the soil.

Step 2
Drown removed pests in warm, soapy water.

Step 3
Spread diatomaceous earth around individual flower or vegetable plants – it cuts the bodies of snails and slugs.

Reapply diatomaceous earth after rain.

Step 4
Place ceramic flowerpots upside-down near infested areas. Dispose of snails and slugs that gather in the shade of the overturned pot.

Step 5
Bury a small, coverless container level with the soil near infested areas. Fill one-half inch from the top with beer and dispose of pests after they fall in.

You can also create a yeast trap by combining ½ teaspoon yeast and 1 tablespoon sugar with 8 ounces water.

Step 6
Maintain your garden to minimize the shady areas. Keep out weeds, and get rid of boards or other decorations or debris that provide shade and moisture for these pests.

Step 7
Stay on top of your snail and slug infestation, beginning when you see young snails and slugs. Your work will pay off with increased vegetable and flower yields.

Fact: Snails can live without moisture for four years or more.

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