How To: Identify insects in your garden

Identify insects in your garden

How to identify insects in your gardenCarol Sutherland explains us in this video of how to identify insects in your garden. She is an extension entomologist and she explains her view on the insects here. To be known is that some insects are damaging, some others we want to be aware of and some are necessary in your garden. Here during the garden season you get to see insects on trees as they form a familiar habitat. Mostly on the split ends and the broken ends the insects gets invaded. She shows a pine tree where a predator is at its larval stage. Actually many people look it as a demon and kill them but they are some sort of beneficial because they maintain a cycle. She showed some creatures and identified it. Finally she throws a word of caution to all that if they find a different insect get to the lab with the sample to identify it rather than taking action ourselves.

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