How To: Identify problems with the peace lily, fern & rhubarb

Identify problems with the peace lily, fern & rhubarb

This video explains how to solve several problems associated with gardening in arid environments. Rhubarb is a plant that is commonly grown in colder environments. In arid environments, its very important to not over water it, so keep it in a sandy soil with lots of organic compost material. Plants such as the peace lily also need well irrigated soil, so it is important to pot it in an organic potting soil in a location that allows the water to drain away from the pot instead of soaking back up into the pot. The key to gardening in sandy soil is to once again add a lot of organic material (compost), most commonly from your kitchen (crumbled egg shells, coffee grounds, etc). When planting trees in arid environments, it is important to inspect the tree before planting it to ensure that minimal "root circling" has taken place. If too much has occurred, the tree is worthless, and when planted, has no chance of survival.

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