How To: Identify problems with a silver berry & tomato plant

Identify problems with a silver berry & tomato plant

The video answers questions on whether containerized tomato plant need to be replanted, problems with yellow tips of an oleander and spots on a silver berry shrub. The tomato plant may be replanted in a bigger container and staked/caged to avoid wind damage. If planted in the ground, it is recommended to plant it at an angle, up to the first branches because tomato plants are able to set out adventitious roots. The yellow and brittle leaves of an oleander is also identified as the result of frost damage or tip burn. Aphids on oleanders should be treated to prevent reduced flower formation. Problems of a Silver Berry which is also known as a Silverleaf Elaeagnus is also looked into. The sample presented has brown spots and silver dots on the leaves and an unusual growth on the stem. The spots and specks on the leaves as well as their sandpaper-like texture are normal characteristics of the plant. The brown growth is identified as a praying mantis cocoon and should be left on the plant as the praying mantis is a beneficial insect.

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