How To: Prune tomato plants to increase production

Prune tomato plants to increase production

One way to increase production in tomato plants is pruning. Pruning your tomato plants will decrease the amount of energy needed for leaf production and increase the amount of energy that goes into your tomato, which provides a a larger and better tasting tomato. Trimming off branches that are not used and are not in direct sunlight achieves more efficiency by directing sugars into the fruit and not into the other branches. Watch this time lapse how-to video, follow along with the tips, and start growing better tomatoes.

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Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but there is no evidence pruning affects yield, either early or seasonal, and significant evidence showing that it not only does not, but rather actually reduces overall yield (by removing potential flowering branches).

Being that leaves produce net energy for the plant, the argument that pruning spares energy for flower and fruit development is, truth be told, silly.

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