How To: Attract birds and butterflies to your backyard

Attract birds and butterflies to your backyard

Food, water, and shelter—that's all butterflies and birds need to consider your backyard a home. And the great thing is that what attracts them will beautify your yard as well!

You Will Need

* Gardening books, magazines, and websites for research
* Seed- and berry-producing plants and trees that are native to your area
* Birdbath
* Birdhouse
* Bird feeder

Step 1: Hang a birdhouse
Hang a birdhouse in a sheltered area.

Step 2: Hang a birdfeeder
Hang a birdfeeder and begin feeding birds in the fall.
*Tip: Fill your birdfeeder with different types of seeds, and you'll notice different types of feathered friends flocking to it.

Step 3: Fill a birdbath
Fill a shallow birdbath with a couple of inches of water.
*Tip: If you live in cold northern climes, a plug-in heated birdbath is a great comfort to winter birds.

Step 4: Keep cats away
Keep your kitty out of the garden! Cats and wild birds don't mix.
*Fact: Butterflies' sense of taste is in their feet.

Step 5: Research
Research plants and trees that are native to your area. Some may already be growing on your property.

Step 6: Plant for birds
To attract birds, plant native plants and trees that produce berries and seeds, such as mulberry, sumac, and evergreen.

Step 7: Plant for butterflies
To attract butterflies, plant native plants that produce nectar, such as butterfly weed, milkweed, and asters.
*Tip: Avoid using pesticides, which can drive birds and butterflies away.

Step 8: Set out rocks
Place large, flat rocks in sunny spots. Butterflies are cold-blooded and will come to these to warm up.

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