How To: Grow upside-down tomatoes in a hanging flower basket

Grow upside-down tomatoes in a hanging flower basket

Every home gardener has tackled tomatoes, but what about upside-down tomatoes? What?!? That's right, you can actually grow tomatoes upside down, suspended in the air. It keeps the plant off the ground and you don't have to worry about staking it.

You'll need:
* Hanging basket
* Tomato plant
* Flowers for the top
* Potting soil

The hanging basket needs a hole on the bottom and should be fairly deep to keep the soil nice and moist. Remove the tomato plant from its pot and carefully slide the top down through the hole from the inside of hanging basket. Don't break the main stem! And that's just the beginning— watch the video for the full instructions on planting an upside-down tomato plant.

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