How To: Identify probles with weevils and leaf cutter bees

Identify probles with weevils and leaf cutter bees

In this video from nmsuaces we learn how to identify problems with weevils and leaf cutter bees. Weevils attack all kinds of plants in a J shape on leaves. To tell a difference between a weevil and leaf cutter bee is the bee will make a perfect round cut, whereas a weevil makes more of a J shape. If it starts doing serious damage you may need to control them. The weevil works at night. In this video she also discusses vines. A potato vine needs to be tied up as it grows. It's good for around a lamppost. They will grow red berries as well that are attractive. A Grecian Silk vine is very vigorous and will cover huge areas in a small amount of time. Some vines will get a powdery mildew and dry out. Be on the lookout for that as well.

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