How To: Care for a garden in february during dormant season

Care for a garden in february during dormant season

John White, a Doña Ana County Extension Agent, highlights a new section on the show - a monthly checklist for the garden. This time, he talks about what to do in your garden in the month of February. The checklist includes planting dormant plants, pruning with a purpose and applying herbicides and pesticides. He shows us various types of dormant plants that can be purchased from nurseries in February for planting such as potted, bare-root or root-balled plants wrapped in burlap. As for pruning woody shrubs and trees, it should be done with a purpose either to remove damaged limbs or to train the plants. A useful tip is to prune at the branch collar to help wounds heal faster. February is also a good time to prune shrub roses. However, he points out that its best to leave pruning climbing roses until after they bloom. Another major activity at this time is to select pre-emergent herbicides against warm season weeds. In addition, dormant oil could be applied on trees and shrubs against scale insects. It is important to select the correct herbicide and pesticide and to follow the product instructions on its use.

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