How To: Fertilize your fall lawn

Fertilize your fall lawn

John White from Southwest Yard and Garden teaches viewers how to fertilize and care for their fall lawn. Fertilization is recommended at 1 pound per month. As you reach September and October, reduce your nitrogen to 1/4 a pound and as October comes around reduce this even further to about half a pound. You will need turf fertilizer and on this package there will be three numbers in the order representing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. In late fall you will want to use a fertilizer with a high potassium number. Try not to take your grass down to the ground. The grass will need to maintain the protection throughout the seasons. You never want to have bare soil exposed after mowing your lawn. Your grass may go dormant over the winter so make sure you continue to apply water in the winter, just reduced, to about watering once every month. To check your grass moisture insert a screwdriver and when you pull it out, it should show moisture in the soil. If you notice your soil is dry, that means you need to water your grass!

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