How To: Care for venus flytrap, gloxinia and bromeliad

Care for venus flytrap, gloxinia and bromeliad

To care for:Venus Flytrap: It is a great project for children, however, there are a few things to remember to look after this plant. Firstly it is best to use cover to protect the plant, as they have a tendency to dry out quickly. Also be careful not to overfeed the plant insects.Gloxinia: Many people buy this beautiful plant in bloom, however, after bloom they throw away the plant as they think they have killed it by over watering. All you do is stop watering it so it lies dormant, and then start watering it again and it should revive.Bromeliad: They are beautiful plants and last a long time in bloom, however, many people water them wrongly and they dry out. You must not water the soil, but water the plant itself in the hole in the middle of the plant. As it is watered from the top, be careful not to use too much fertilizer, as it can burn the plant.

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