How To: Identify fruit tree problems

Identify fruit tree problems

This video describes problems with fruit trees and how to deal with them. One problem is Chlorosis, identified by yellowing leaves with green veins between the sections of the leaf. This is caused by a micronutrient deficiency (usually iron) that results when the tree roots are unable to absorb all the nutrients from the soil. This problem can be temporarily treated with a foliar spray of iron. Another problem is pruning wounds with decay that results when trees are not pruned correctly. They may rot back into the tree and negatively affect the trunk and branches. Problems with trees may result from incorrect positioning of the bud union; this union should always be placed about 4-8 inches above ground. Another issue is if there are too many branches from one point and too little space for them. This will result in small branch angles and a lot of pressure that may cause branches to eventually snap off, so it's important to pick and select the healthy trees to grow.

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