How To: Choose the right tree for New Mexico gardens

Choose the right tree for New Mexico gardens

Curtis Smith, Extension Horticulturist, and Jeff Hart of the Albuquerque Parks Department discuss the types of trees that grow in Albuquerque. The Littleleaf Linden is a pretty tree that produces a white, nice smelling flower in the springtime. It is pretty much pest-free but the bees love it. The Gingko is a great tree for the yard, though it grows slower than a lot of other trees. The female Gingko has a bad smell so you need to be sure that you get a male tree. The roots of this tree are used for medicinal purposes. The Desert Willow is an excellent tree that produces flowers most of the summer. It is pollen-free, fertilized by bees and insects. It grows to quite a good size. The Chitalpa is a cross between the Desert Willow and the Western Chitalpa. It grows to be quite a large tree. It needs to be watched in the wintertime because it is susceptible to freeze damage. The Mountain Ash is rare in Albuquerque. It has a very pretty orange fruit. It only grows to about 15 or 20 feet tall. It does better in a shady location. The Mimosa or Silk Tree is very pretty with its pink plumes, but it does have some disease problems. The Park provides a map and complete information on all the trees in the Park.

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