How to Prepare garden soil for planting

Southwest Yard and Garden teaches viewers how to prepare garden soil for planting. You can use compost to work this into your soil. You can make your own compost and you can also buy compost. First, you can use a flat bladed spade or a sharp shooter spade to double dig your garden soil. First, you should dig double deep into the soil and turn the soil to the side. What you want to do is dig a trench. Go back to the beginning of the trench and dig a second depth. You will want to get below the top soil and you should do this every few years. Now, on the side of this trench, dig the top layer and turn the soil to the side in the trench on the side and continue to double dig. You can also use a spading fork to turn lose soil and to turn in the compost into your soil. You can also use a machine to drag across your soil. You can control how deep you want to go. You can put the compost out on your soil and mix it in and push along the compost to mix it into your soil. Now you can prepare your garden soil!

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