How To: Build a bio-intensive garden

Build a bio-intensive garden

John White of Southwest Yard and Garden along with Kitty Schafer teach you about bio-intensive gardening. Bio-intensive gardening is the combination of two techniques. Part of the technique involves composting top soil with other coarse organic material into a lasagna style mound. Add 2 inches of straw to the soil and spray with water. Add 2 inches of green material that you have collected from other area of your garden, such as bug eaten greens or specific greens for composting. Then add some bacteria and repeat the process until the mound is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. Every 2 weeks, add more straw and water and ensure the temperature is above 140 degrees. The entire process takes about 3 months and provides wonderful soil. Another important factor in bio-intensive gardening is loose soil; make sure to double dig your soil to create a living sponge. Do this by digging up your soil and removing some of it while bulking up the compacted soil beneath. Avoid walking on your soil as it compacts it. When watering use a fan sprayer to get even watering. For larger tracts use a drip system as it keeps larger areas moist. Before planting use a seedling tray to determine which seeds are viable and thus avoid empty spaces in your garden. Follow these easy tips and your garden will flourish.

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