How To: Protect your plants from frost

Protect your plants from frost

An associate from Garden Years discusses the danger frost poses to small, outdoor plants. Since you don't have a lot of control over the weather, there are a few tips you can follow to try an avoid any unwanted damage to existing plants. The host examines a peach tree to identify when a plant is blooming and thus very delicate. If a plant is fully blooming, then any temperature below freezing (32 f) can damage the blossoms. Aside from putting cloth over the plant, mulch is also very helpful in protecting the root system (avoid plastic as it will essentially bake the plant once its warm again). Mulch around the base and leave a reservoir around the base. Ensure that you keep your root system wet as dry soil will reach a colder temperature than moist, wet soil. Making preparations in advance is a smart way to avoid damaging your plants inadvertently. Mulching, watering, and covering are the three basic techniques to avoid the harsh bite of a frost.

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