How To: Pick out easy orchids to grow for your home

Pick out easy orchids to grow for your home

Curtis Smith, Extension Horticulturist with Southwest Yard and Garden, and Rick Hobson of Rowlands Nursery, demonstrate how to pick out orchids for your home. Dendrobium Phalaenopsis orchids are very graceful with its long spray and is a very popular orchid. They make great starter orchids because they are easy to grow. They will bloom year after year. They come in a variety of shades and petal broadness. Phalaenopsis Hybrids are also successful plants to grow in the home. They will bloom from Valentine's Day to Mother's Day. They require partial sunlight and humidity. Oncidium Russiker Gold are well adapted to dry air and atmospheres. The Phapiopedilum Lady Slipper is an unusual orchid that does well in low light and requires moisture.

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