How To: Grow a pineapple inside your home

Grow a pineapple inside your home

How to grow pineapple inside your home

To grow pineapple in your home start by picking the right pineapple. You want to pick one that is ripe and delicious, ready to eat. Grab the leafy top and twist and pull it off of the pineapple. What you will have is a leafy plant with a knub on the bottom. Take and pull the leaves off down around that knub until about 1 inch is exposed. As you expose more of the knub there are roots tucked under them. So as you peel the leaves off you are preparing the pineapple for planting with pre grown roots. Take a pot with regular potting soil in it. You can also use compost with sand mixed in if you want. Make a hole and put the plant in the hole. Lightly pack the dirt back around the plant. Once you have it firmly in place then it's time to water it. Keep the water moist for the first two weeks. This will make the roots grow straight down. After you've kept it watered for two weeks let it dry out a little bit and then water it again. This will cause the roots to keep going deeper for water and it will grow a good root system. The leaves that are on the plant will slowly dry up and turn brown and new ones will begin to grow as the root system develops. Just clip those brown leaves off. In about 18-24 months you will have nice pineapple.

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