How To: Grow plants with a homemade hydroponics system

Grow plants with a homemade hydroponics system

This is Hydroponics: At Home for Beginners.

To build a home hydroponic system, you will first need to acquire a storage tote tub at any local store. That's the first big step, then everything from then on gets easy... well, almost. There's actually a lot of work to accomplish before actually using your new homemade hydroponic system for your plants and gardening needs. This is a really fascinating way to start growing your plants and what-nots quick and easy, with added nutrients, without soil! Check it out.

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how offten do you add the plant food

had the exact same question.....

how often do you change the water. some books i read says every 2 weeks

why not use a hole saw similar to what we use to put holes in doors for door knobs

Good video this will sure help a lot of people save cash, most hydroponic shops charge a fortune for these growing systems.

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