How To: Plant corn

Plant corn

The video demonstrates the process of planting corn in a small soil-patch in your garden. The lady presenting you the video uses a 75g packet of Corn Honey & Cream Bicolor seeds from Heritage Gardens. Be aware that the corn cross pollinates very easily and hence you have to separate the different types of corn by planting time or by distance. The video says that 150 feet distance between different corn types is recommended but in smaller gardens, spacing can be achieved by different planting time for different type so that the pollination does not happen at the same time for different corn types. She says that you can use different corns like 60, 70 , 80 or 100 days. Also she tips you that if you are not thinking of saving your seed, you really don't have to worry about cross pollination as it does not effect the taste but only the next generation plants. Then she says that for plantations like corn, it is enough to have just two markers in the row marker. Once the marking is done on the patch, all you have to do is plant or drop the seeds 4 inches apart and two inches deep. Learn from tips like covering the plantation-patch with nets if you have problems with birds getting your seeds. Thus you are done planting corn in your own garden and can now wait to taste them.

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