How To: Grow blue corn

Grow blue corn

Blue corn is a special variety of corn which can be differentiated by the majority of the corn species by looking at the unusual top growth of the corn. It is a hybrid and grows very uniformly throughout. Now take a corn from the field and peel it off. You shall notice that it has a blue color corns. Blue color corns are hard from outside but they are very soft and tender in the middle. You can use these blue corns in making commercial products like blue corn chips, tortillas, and atole ',' chaquegue, piki bread. Normal blue corn may yield 10,000 pounds per acre for you. But this blue corn may yield only 1500 pounds per acre. With improved agriculture practices you can increase it to 3000 to 4000 pounds per acre. The biggest problem is of 'corn ear worm' which damages the top end of the corn. Another problem is the 'corn lodge' which happens in the dry season when the plants may fall over and difficult for the machine harvesting. So you need to harvest it with hand. The main advantage that you get by growing blue corn is that while the regular corn may fetch you four to six cents a pound while blue corn may fetch you twenty two to twenty four cents a pound. Blue corn doesn't require chemicals fertilizers and you can grow it organically. It has high nutrition and is rich in amino acids with more iron, calcium and protein contents. That's it.

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