How To: Protect outdoor plants and shrubs in the winter

Protect outdoor plants and shrubs in the winter

Curtis Smith of Yard and Garden teachers viewers how to protect outdoor plants and shrubs in the winter. For instance, Lilacs and be burned by the cold weather so it is advised to not place lilac to the South or the West against a wall in the winter. Next, with a privett plant there may be damage on the leaves but others are perfect - but this is normal. This plant is an evergreen and some cells in the leaf may die which will make the leaves look damaged. This will be shown on last years leaves. This is not a major problem. You can prune back your plants easily if you have lower bushes. With ornamental shrubs, there may be white spots on the leaves, but these are just scales or hairs that are natural to the plants. The brown spots on the back side are also natural to the plant and they are not a problem.

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