How To: Make your own worm bin

Make your own worm bin

Patty Moreno shows us how to make a worm compost bin with cheap, everyday, household items.

• Get an 18-gallon rubber storage bin and at least two tops.
• Drill holes into bin for aeration.
• Place cardboard into the bottom of the bin.
• Spread a bed of shredded newspaper on top of the cardboard.
• Moisten the newspaper with water; not to dry, but not soaking wet either.
• Add earthworms to the mixture. If you purchase them, get red wigglers.
• Sprinkle about a quart pot worth of soil on top of the worms.
• Now add kitchen waste or garden clippings.
• Finally, set the bin on top of one lid and cover the bin with other lid.

Following these steps will give you compost to use in your potted plants and garden within weeks.

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