How To: Hang Dry Herbs

Hang Dry Herbs

Step 1 Harvest your herbs

  • Harvest your herbs before they flower (unless you are harvesting chamomile or any other herb flower)
  • The best time is in the morning after the dew has evaporated
  • Bunch your herbs by wrapping a rubber band tightly around the base of a handful of herbs

Step 2 Rinse   

  • Dip herbs into a bucket of clean water
  • Gently shake off excess water 

Step 3 Label and Hang

  • Label your herbs with a clothes pin
  • Use the clothes pin to hang bunched herbs upside down in a dry clean place out of direct sunlight

Step 4 Store in Airtight Container

  • Once the herbs are dry (2 to 4 weeks), remove leaves from woody stems
  • Crush and sift or store leaves whole
  • Place in an airtight container and store out of direct light
Hang drying your herbs

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