How To: Dry herbs by placing them in the oven

Dry herbs by placing them in the oven

Using fresh herbs is always the best call for any recipe, but if you're an herb gardener with load after neverending load of herbs that you can't find a use for right now, drying these herbs may be your best option.

Dried herbs impart a more delicate, though precise, flavor to any dish you make. Take a look at this video to learn how to dry herbs by placing them in the oven for a few hours.

So you planted herbs this summer, tended them with care and now you are ready to harvest them for use in recipes. While fresh herbs are a delight, don't forget to dry some too. Drying herbs is a simple process and really doesn't take much time.

Remove the leaves from the stems and spread them on a cookie sheet or a recycled aluminum tray. Place the herbs in the oven heated to it's lowest temperature for several hours and check them regularly. Once dried, just crush or crumble them and place in airtight jars that are labeled and dated. Store your dried herbs in a cool, dark place.

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