How To: Make hanging plant baskets

Make hanging plant baskets

One of the best ways to add summer colour to your garden or patio is with hanging baskets. Now is the perfect time to plant up baskets in order to give the plants a few weeks to establish before they are hung outside after the danger of frost has passed. Learn how to make a beautiful hanging baskets with this tutorial.
The choice of plants for baskets gets bigger every year and you'll find garden centers are fully stocked up with plants at this time of the year.
To keep the baskets growing and flowering through the summer into early autumn it is important to feed regularly and one of the best ways is to mix in slow release fertilizers into the compost at planting time. This will ensure the plants get a constant supply of nutrients. Just as important is the need for water and to help prevent the compost drying out too quickly, you should add a water retaining gel such as swell-gel when planting. After planting the basket should be watered and hung in a light frost free place for a few weeks until ready for hanging outside in the garden.

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