How To: Plant a 30 minute vegetable garden

Plant a 30 minute vegetable garden

You can have a garden in less than 30 minutes. The key is a product called garden socks. They are two cubic feet long and they have one cubic foot of compost inside of them. One thing that makes this product useful is that they are very light and easy to carry around and they provide a weed free garden. All you have to do is build your raised box and then fill it with these lightweight two-foot socks of compost. Next take the plants that you are going to plant and arrange them in the box in the places that you want to plant them. To plant the plants take a pair of scissors and cut a hole in the sock. Dig a hole big enough for the plant to fit in and put it down in the hole. Push the compost around the plant and it is ready to start growing. To finish the garden off all you have to do is put down some mulch and water it. The mulch will help keep the compost moist and it looks good too.

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