How To: Rabbit proof a garden

Rabbit proof a garden

Small creatures like rabbits can be a large problem for gardeners when they begin to feed on garden plants. John White shares some tips on how to keep rabbits from ruining your plants. Rabbits will feed on almost anything, especially when they’re starving, so it’s hard to rabbit-proof everything. However, you can still try to save the plants that are most prone to dying with rabbits and rodents in the area. For instance, if you just planted a young tree, you can put netting around it with small enough holes that rabbits can’t get through. Keep in mind that baby rabbits can fit through very tiny holes so you can also place a smaller wired net adjacent to the larger one. When setting up your netting material, make sure to put the base below the ground surface. Rabbits are able to dig so if the wire isn’t placed far enough below the ground, they can still get to your plant.

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