How To: Plant garlic cloves with toilet paper rolls

Plant garlic cloves with toilet paper rolls

This video demonstrates how to plant garlic cloves with toilet paper rolls. Take some toilet paper rolls and cut them in half. Fill the halves with damp soil. Put one clove of garlic into each little half, leaving the new shoot poking out of the top. You can make potting soil with peat moss, black dirt and vermiculite. When it is time to plant the garlic, you should just put the whole carton into the ground. When you buy garlic for planting, look for the giant variety. When you are saving garlic to plant next year, save the biggest ones. Sometimes it is possible to obtain free soil by asking plant stores to give you dead plants. You can use the soil in their pots, and sometimes the plants survive as well! You should try to ensure each Fall that you have enough soil for planting. Plant them out and enjoy your garlic!

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