How To: Kill gnats

Kill gnats

In this video, Sbirdboi will explain how you can get rid of a gnat infestation. First, you must identify what kind of gnats they are, as this determines the best ways in dealing with them. He will explain three common types of gnats, their habits and where they tend to lay their eggs. After teaching you about the kinds of gnats, you will learn what steps to take to kill the gnats, and prevent them from coming back. You will also learn tips of ways you can attract gnats and subsequently kill them (such as a paper funnel into a jar with apple cider vinegar and Dawn; the vinegar attracts the gnats, and the Dawn pulls them in and they die in the jar). Learn how to take care of your own gnat infestation with examples and tips based on Sbirdboi's own experiences dealing with a gnat problem.

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