News: Networked Garden Requires Facebook Messages to Survive

Networked Garden Requires Facebook Messages to Survive

Say hello to "Meet Eater," the world's most social garden. Seriously — say hello! Its life may depend on it:

"Planted by University of Queensland student Bashkim Isai, Meet Eater is in the grounds of the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane — and it has quite the fan club. The garden is rigged with a system that monitors social interaction on the internet and feeds or waters it in response.
Giving a new meaning to the term 'news feed,' Meet Eater is watered whenever someone writes on its Facebook wall or stops by to say hello. The garden also answers some messages from fans and 'cries' when it wants attention."

Cult o' cultivation — a time lapse of Meet Eater's first two weeks ...

But wait! You may want to reconsider that friend request:

"'We found that it's been over-loved, it's actually died two times from having too much stimulation, which is an interesting outcome for us,' said Isai.

More here.

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