How To: Use micro-misters for drip irrigation systems

Use micro-misters for drip irrigation systems

Micro misters allow for low volume of water over a wide area. They give good moisture coverage. Systems can be pulled up, changed and made into what you need it to be. Keep potted plants separate from other plants. They should have their own system. There is a system to encourage growth of root systems of various plants. Shrubs get two emitters in case one clogs up, the plant still has moisture. Having the water at the base of the plant limits weed growth. There is a temporary system to get trees established. There's enough moisture for this area to be on its own. Doesn't need a permanent drip system. Staple the tubing to keep it in place. Rodents will chew on the tubing. Monitor. There are different types of emitters that are available on the market-flag emitters, zero bug and others. They need to all be the same in the system. Valves and other parts of the drip system are included in the valve box. You have a filter to keep particles from getting into the system. The pressure reducer keeps pressure in the system at a constant pressure. The backflow prevention is six inches above the highest point of use on each valve to meet current code requirements to prevent water from the landscape going into the drinking water.

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