How To: Style a yamadori bonsai

Style a yamadori bonsai

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you the correct way make a Light-Saber effect using this video, you will learn how to gather the Light-Saber image, paste the image into, choose the preferred color for the Light-Saber, and other special effects such as: sizing your Light-Saber, 'blurring' your Light-Saber, and learning the correct way to save your project.Your first step is to right click on the Light-Saber image and click 'Copy'. Next, you open Then you paste the image into Next, you make a new layer and click the 'Color' button. After that you choose which color you would like your Light-Saber to be. Then you choose the size you would like your Light-Saber to be. Next, you click the 'Effects' button and then click the 'Blur' button and then begin to blur the color until you get the desired effect. Lastly, click on the 'File' button, then click on the 'Save As' button and save your project. You are now capable of making a Light-Saber effect!

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