How To: Style an old yamadori bonsai

Style an old yamadori bonsai

The previous owner chose this view. The trunk is naturally hollow. Dead wood is coming toward us. Branches are coming to the back so we will have to do some manipulation. The two parts of deadwood play together in an interesting dance. The piece of deadwood can be improved and the branches can be moved more to this side of the tree as a front. This is what we'll go with. (Using various tools, the bark is removed from the left side deadwood). Height has been added to the branches. Lots of tornique hose was used to ease and pull the branches into place. There is an added perspective in the back. We improved the quality and movement of the deadwood in the trunk. The apex of the tree comes toward you. The branches were moved to both sides. Also, we're showing an attractive hollow in the trunk.

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