How To: Start seeds in pellets for a small kitchen garden

Start seeds in pellets for a small kitchen garden

In this video Daniel Gasteiger demonstrates how to make a kitchen garden by planting seeds in pellets made of compressed peat moss. If the seeds are to be replanted outside this needs to be started 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost. Since the peat moss is dried out the pellets must be soaked in water before use. They will absorb the water and loosen up so the seeds can be inserted. After about ten minutes the pellet has soaked up the water and puffed up to several times its size. The seeds are then placed into the opening in the center of the pellet and covered over with the damp peat moss. After planting they need to be kept in a warm place and watered daily to keep them moist. It can take from two to ten days or more for the sprouts to come up.

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