How To: Stake tall plants

Stake tall plants

We next try some staking, because this garden has tall plants. Tall plants add verticality to the garden, but they only stay tall until a thunderstorm hits. They need staking if for no other reason to keep them out of the mud. Dahlias definitely need staking because their flowers are enormous and bend easily. Plan for this ahead of time. For staking there are lots of possibilities. You can use bamboo and string or you could use multi-purpose stakes. This metal stake is ideal for a single stem and is nice because it is adjustable, allowing it to be moved up or down. Wrap it around the flower, then hook it in and you're done. There are taller versions that work with Lilies, Hollyhocks or some Verbascums, if they're in a windy spot. When staking be careful not to be too close to the stem because you don't want to pierce the tuber that it grows from. The ideal time to stake Delphiniums and Dahlias is before they get to the flower bud stage.

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