How To: Sow small seeds (begonia semperflorens)

Sow small seeds (begonia semperflorens)

This video tutorial shows you how to sow the seeds of the Begonia Semperflorens.

1. Obtain an already grown flower pot.
2. Collect the seeds.
3. Using your thumb and forefinger, roll the seeds gently over a clean surface. The seeds will scatter onto this surface.
4. Mix the seeds with some ash to create a mixture. You can use a small popsicle stick to create this mixture. Put this mixture aside.
5. Get a new flowerpot and put some soil in it. Compact the soil.
6. Spray and dampen this compact soil with water.
7. Take your mixture and scatter it on top of this compact soil.
8. Get some sand and scatter the sand over this mixture.
9. Lightly water the pot.

Within 20 days you should see some plant growth! Keep them well watered and enjoy your new flowers!

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