How To: Prune spring roses

Prune spring roses

Feb and early March are the perfect time for pruning your roses for bountiful blooms this summer. We have tips for helping remove dead, damaged and diseased branches.

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I really liked the planning on and the presentation and closure on your video. I first came to this and other sites to defend y pruning of y housemates late fathers roses which seem to her to be way to aggressive. I'd been helping him for years, being driven to nuts by watching him only cut off the tops of the roses, yr around! We went to take cuttings for cloning. Im torn betwee doing them with newspaper or using hydoponics. I am a marketer. I have a hydroponics store and I want to start a video channel for themselves. Im thinking a set of vides, timed equally to follow the different results, problems, expenses and so forth. Also having taking cuttings of this families roses, I have no way to know or learn what variety they are? Back to the biz aspect of doing videos, which was not really my research goal this am, can you give me some tips?
How do you clone or propagate roses? Do you do it for fun or income or both? Oh and I had wished that you and the presenter worked your way down 3 or4 rose bushes, commenting all the while why you would prune on area and not another stem or spot and how long. Thanks.

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