How To: Power carve a bonsai

Power carve a bonsai

Carving a bonsai tree can be an interesting and rewarding experience. One may think that the tree would be injured in this process, however the process can actually strengthen the health of the tree. The first step when carving a bonsai is to reduce the height of the tree to about one meter. The necessary tools required consist of: a high speed grinder, a rotary cutter, and a weasel. The rotary cutter is good for removing large amounts of wood. Before beginning to cut the tree look at the tree and try to envision what the tree will look like when it is finished. Perhaps picture trees in natural habits. Slim down the branches in certain areas, and carve out small cut outs for shaping. Most of your work will be finished at this time, however you will have to wait until the tree settles in to it's new state of being to make some of the final cuts. The tree's beauty should only increase with time.

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