How To: Plant spring-blooming bulb flowers in the autumn

Plant spring-blooming bulb flowers in the autumn

Martyn Cox show us how to plant spring bulbs. You want to begin with bulbs that are firm, with intact skin. You don't need a garden to grow these; you can put them in a pot. If using a terracotta pot, you need to cover the hole in the bottom with another piece of terracotta, to prevent leakage. Next, you add in the compost, breaking up any lumps. For most bulbs, plant them about three times their depth. The flat side is the bottom. You can plant a few together, but make sure they aren't touching, then fill up the pot with the compost. If planting in the garden, you can use a bulb planter, which easily creates a hole in the soil. Then, drop the bulb in hole, making sure it lands bottom-side down, and cover with the soil. You can also take a large pot and plant several different types of bulbs at once. First, put down your broken terracotta pieces to cover the hole in the pot. Then put in the first layer of compost (about 5 cm worth). Then put in five or six of the largest bulbs. Then add your next layer of compost. Then add your next level of bulbs, then the next level of compost. Finish the layers with your smallest bulbs, and top with compost. In a few weeks, and with enough water and sunlight, you should see your results.

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