How To: Plant dahlias with the Dahlia Guy

Plant dahlias with the Dahlia Guy

The Dahlia Guy is going to show you step by step how to plant dahlias. First, you want to bury your tubers at 2-4inches of depth and place a stick right next to the eye so you know exactly where the dahlia will be. Also, you want to place a timed release fertilizer in the hole and then cover it up with the dirt. Now, take a 16inch long stick and use that to space out the dahlias in your garden. Some tips to use are use name tags at the beginning of the of the planting and at the end of the different types of the flowers going in. Also, you do not need to water the dahlias until they're 1ft high because you don't want to rot it. Lastly, you should take caution against slugs who love baby dahlia plants so make sure to put slug bait out before they can attack your plants.

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