How To: Make nitrogen enriched manure tea for garden plants

Make nitrogen enriched manure tea for garden plants

Are your plants dying? Are they in dire need of some fertilizer? Is your compost not cutting it anymore? Well, save your garden plants with this recipe for nitrogen rich manure tea fertilizer. It's a really easy all natural fertilizer anyone can make. You can collect manure in your pasture or buy it by the bag at a garden center. You can also reuse the manure over and over again. Keep chemicals out of your garden and go green!

The process is simple. Grab a five gallon bucket and dump about one gallon of cow and/or horse manure into it. Then, fill the bucket up to the top with water. Next, let it sit for a full day, roasting in the sun. And that's it. Your fertilizing tea is ready. Pout it on your favorite plants and watch them grow!

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