How To: Make ground-plantable paper pots for seedlings

Make ground-plantable paper pots for seedlings

This video demonstrates how to fold a newspaper seedling container using a simple origami method. This is a free idea that incorporates recycling. Not only do these paper containers stand up well to moisture, they also will break down in the soil if you place it directly into your garden. Begin by using one half sheet of black and white newspaper. Lay it out length wise and fold it in half from top to bottom. Then fold it left to right. Next turn the paper so it is horizontal with the open side at the top away from you. Next create a guideline by folding it in half from left to right and then open it up again. Take the right hand corner and pull it up, folding it inward at the same time. Line up the guideline with the interior fold and crease the edges. Flip the paper over and repeat the process with the other corner. You should have a triangle shape with the tip pointing at you. Take the two sides of the paper on each side an fold them together. This will create the same shaped triangle, but no folds will be showing at the top. Now you can make the sides of the pot by folding in each corner into the center twice so they line up with the center line. Make sure your creases are sharp. Flip it over and repeat the process again. Finally, fold down the top edge with sharp creases. Now you are ready to pop the pot out and pat down the bottom. Your pot is now ready to to plant in.

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